Ceiling blocks of polystyrene

About This Project

Specifications of polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam) manufactured by Haierfam Company:

  • Block width from 50 to 70 cm
  • Block length from 1 to 2 meters
  • Height from 10 to 30 cm
  • Density from 1 kg / m3 to 2 kg / m3
  • Advantages of using Haierfam polystyrene blocks (ceiling foam):
  • Replacement of 5.2kg polystyrene blocks with ten 120kg clay blocks
  • ۲۵% savings on foundation and skeleton cost considering low block weight
  • Saving on joists due to proper width of blocks
  • The use of these blocks is supported by the Fuel Optimization Organization
  • Speed and ease of execution of roofs, and the absence of waste in transportation to the floors
  • These lightweight blocks minimize the risk of material collapse during an earthquake.
  • Due to the type of expanded polystyrene material, these blocks are the best insulation in terms of penetration of moisture, heat, cold and sound and prevent up to 70% of energy loss.
  • Roof blocks

Advantages and features of using Plastofoam blocks

  • ۷۰% energy saving
  • Weight loss of structures
  • Reduce concrete volume by 30% and steel by 25%
  • Earthquake-safe due to flexibility over other building materials
  • Fireproof and burn-resistant
  • Reduce project execution time
  • Reduce shipping cost
  • Sound, heat, cold and humidity insulation
  • Save plaster and soil coating
  • Optimal management in project control
  • Increase the useful life span of the building
  • Reduce molding costs
  • Insect penetration resistant